Pros of a Personal Trainer vs. Big-Box Gym

We are constantly get lured into big-box gyms with flashy prices, large spaces, expensive equipment, and seemingly a lot to offer. The thing is, they’re not always helping us achieve our fitness goals. There are many aspects to big-box gyms that should turn you off the idea that they’re what you need. This article will explore the pros of ditching a big box gym and heading to a personal trainer in a studio or local gym. Let’s get started!

The Difference Between A Studio And A Big-box Gym

When we talk about a big-box gym, what are we really talking about? We’re talking about gyms like Planet Fitness or Virgin Active, for example. These extend to group fitness classes, challenges, training, etc.

On the other hand, a studio is usually a small space that offers classes. This can include SoulCycle, boot camps, yoga, and other smaller offerings. Studios can also refer to smaller styled gyms or training environments. A place where you’d get more attention from a personal trainer.

So what are the pros of a personal trainer in comparison to just hitting the fancy gym downtown? Let’s take a look:

More Specialized Classes

A lot of specialized boutique gyms have nailed down what they’re about, what they’re teaching, and how to teach it well. This focus means there’s a great deal of availability in specialized training that you wouldn’t get at a big-box gym like yoga, SoulCycle, etc.

Full Workout & Motivation Chasers

Personal training is a great way to get a full workout with someone who knows how to get you moving and shaking. A personal trainer is there to motivate you to push yourself. It’s highly effective and something they’ve fine-tuned to provide the best service.

Greater Accountability

A lot of these smaller gyms and class spaces require you to book your spot in advance. These bookings mean you’ve got more accountability to meet your fitness requirements. Also, it’s a great way to ensure you actually go and get the workout done!

Personal Attention

It’s hard to get real attention provided to you from a personal trainer at a big-box gym. They’re not there for just you. They’re around for the whole body of gym-goers. However, in a studio setting, you do get that extra attention. If you’re looking for a more hands-on approach, you will find better luck in a smaller environment.


You’ll find that big-box gym-goers aren’t always looking to make friends. On the other hand, the friends that attend together can be exclusive. In smaller settings, there’s more focus on fitness but also on those around you. As a result, there’s a greater sense of connection both with others in the studio or training, as well as with your trainers.

Confidence Booster

Hitting the gym can be difficult. These big-box gyms are massive and usually packed with people, which we often think means people are watching us and judging our progress from the beginning. This is less of an issue in a studio environment with a personal trainer. They’re not around to judge. They’re there to help you get into your desired shape. A personal trainer is usually great at motivating you but keeping you in a confident headspace to achieve your goals.


Overall, a personal trainer is a far better way to spend your money and time. You benefit far more from personal training in the long run. Whether it be strength training or a fitness class, you’ll begin to see results and feel more confident. At Fusion Fitness, we’re all about providing a rewarding experience. If you’re looking for your next gym, we’re ready for you!